Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Smell Free

I am sure you have heard the saying "A New Car Smell", well we have compiled the top 10 ways to keep your vehicle clean and smell free.

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Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Vehicle Clean and Smell Free

  1. Don't Smoke or Vape in your Vehicle
  2. Open A Window
  3. Don't Eat In Your Vehicle
  4. Clean Interior Surfaces
  5. Clean Windows
  6. Use Seat Covers
  7. Use Floor Mats
  8. Take The Trash Out
  9. Clean Cup Holders
  10. Vacuum Your Vehicle

Don't Smoke Or Vape In Your Vehicle

It might be obvious, but smoking or vaping in a vehicle will definitely give your car an unflattering smoky smell.  Even those who smoke with the windows cracked can't eliminate the odor.

Open A Window

Unless it's raining, opening the windows occasionally will let fresh air in and move stale air out.

Don't Eat In Your Vehicle

It goes without saying that if you eat in your vehicle you will drop food and eventually these crumbs may create an undesirable odor.

Clean Interior Surfaces

It's a great idea to clean your vehicle monthly to protect the materials and also to eliminate various liquids and spills.

Clean Windows

Car windows are often neglected and should be cleaned on a monthly basis to remove sticky fingerprints and road Debris.

Use Seat Covers

Seat Covers not only protect your seats from sweat and moisture, they also are easy to clean by throwing them in the wash.

Use Floor Mats

When buying a new or used vehicle, make sure to include floor mats.  These will help trap dirt, oil and other debris that you may track in.  Mats should be cleaned and washed on a regular basis.

Take The Trash Out

If you aren't consistent with taking out the trash on a regular basis you can end of with weeks worth of junk in your vehicle.  It's especially important in the summer and hot locations where high temperatures can make items smell.

Clean Cup Holders

Cup Holders have a tendency to get dirty quick even if you don't drink or eat in the car.  Moisture that surrounds a drink's bottle or coffee cup drips into the cup holder and can become an odor issue.

Vacuum Your Vehicle

Setting up a monthly vacuum schedule is a great way to keep your car clean and smell free.  If you don't have the time or space, getting your car detailed on a regular basis is another great option.


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